About Jamie

Social Worker for School Board

Jamie is a lifelong Pittsburgh resident currently renovating the Carrick house she grew up in, where she hopes to raise her future children with her partner Geoffrey. She is running for school board to fight for schools that meet the needs of all our children, ensuring that they have the resources they need to learn. Jamie currently works for the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation. A licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania, Jamie earned her master’s degrees in social work and international development at the University of Pittsburgh. She believes in supporting our children by providing an equitable and high quality, public education, and supplying students with appropriate resources to meet their individual needs. She looks forward to sending her kids to PPS.


In her role as economic development program manager at the Mt. Washington CDC, Jamie has fought for our families to have access to affordable housing, for adults and young people to have a voice in the decisions impacting their neighborhoods, and for improvements to public safety and neighborhood blight. 

Previously, Jamie worked with Urban Design Ventures to ensure that neighborhood groups were involved in community development and needs assessments, as well as identifying solutions to barriers to Fair Housing. 

She also formerly assisted Economic Development South to ensure access to fresh produce and create healthy eating programs for kids and families. 

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