Addressing PPS’ Lack of Revenue

The City cannot continue to offer huge tax abatements to wealthy developers, it is unsustainable and will ultimately hurt already vulnerable communities. Newly constructed properties are being assessed at too low of an amount which does not add significant revenue to the school budget.

 Policies in the district must be revised in order to assure that any entity applying for a tax abatement provides proof of benefits to Pittsburgh Public Schools families; we must incorporate standards that promote affordable housing development, union jobs, project labor agreements, and community benefits agreements. PPS has amazing technical programs and should be able to allow these students to get on-site learning experience through pre-apprenticeship programs. 

There are countless tax delinquent vacant properties owned privately, and by the City and URA. More City tax dollars should be put toward rehabilitation of properties for affordable homes which will improve neighborhoods and increase school revenues while restoring long underserved communities. 

Pittsburgh Public Schools should also be continually exploring partnerships with community foundations for short- and long-term grants for things such as building upgrades, technology upgrades, and resources for students and teachers. 

We must hold charter schools accountable and close loopholes to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used responsibly and effectively.

Jamie will work together with local and state leaders, stakeholders, and foundations to address gaps in funding and explore viable sources for consistent, reliable, revenue for the district.